Boone Heart Institute – Bolder Boulder Episode #1: Introduction

Jeffrey L. Boone, M.D., is an internationally recognized expert on the effects of physical and mental stress on the heart.  He was selected as one of the 160 Top Doctors in America by Men’s Health Magazine, and listed as one of the 17 Top Cardiovascular Doctors in America for Men.  The Bolder Boulder has asked Dr. Boone to present his perspective and expertise on exercise, training, and cardiovascular health in the weeks leading up to race day.

Tune in every Friday to hear Dr. Boone’s take on such subjects as:

  • Toning Your Most Important Muscle One Beat At A Time
  • Outrunning Your Genetic Risks
  • Fighting Dementia Through Lifelong Exercise
  • The Dangers of the Extreme Exerciser
  • The Age of Exposure:  Radiation, Altitude, and Overtraining

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