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Redefining Framingham. Framingham risk scores have been widely used to assess cardiovascular risk for decades. Yes in 2009 a study showed more than 75 percent of patients hospitalized for heart attacks had cholesterol levels that would indicate they were not high risk for a cardiovascular event.

What are we missing?

  • In 2010, the ARIC study demonstrated that C-IMT radically re-defines
  • Framingham Risk in eye-opening ways.
  • The results were dramatic:
  • 23% of patients were reclassified when C-IMT and
  • plaque information were added to Framingham Risk.


Let’s take a look at how adding C-IMT and Carotid

Plaque to standard risk scores can change treatment strategies:

Case Studies

Case Study


Conclusion: C-IMT Better Defines Risk.