What Is Preventive Cardiology?

BHI Blog CardiologyMost everyone in the world has at least some idea of what cardiology treatment entails.  But not nearly enough people are aware of preventive cardiology or how it can help everyone live a longer, happier life.  There is one major difference between traditional cardiology vs. preventive, and that is when treatment begins.  Traditional cardiology treats those that already suffer from cardiovascular disease or have already had an episode such as a heart attack or stroke.  Preventive cardiology, on the other hand, allows for analysis and treatment of those at risk of heart disease, and treating it before it even becomes an issue.  This preventative care is what we at the Boone Heart Institute specialize in.

We use cutting-edge technologies to define the “arterial age” of our patients to best determine their risk factors and the most effective treatments for them.  We then guide them through a customized series of treatment options, including diet, exercise and medications to cease and potentially reverse any signs of cardiovascular disease before they become a major health concern.  Need proof of the effectiveness of our programs?  Not one single patient of the Boone Heart Institute has ever suffered from a heart attack while under our care.

If you are interested in becoming a Boone Heart Institute patient, or would simply like to learn more, call us to schedule your risk-free consultation today!

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